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JZI indexing - as of the end of June 2020

In June, we've added a record number of over 40,000 new indexes from 81 books to Geneo search engine . Two new parishes - Kuźnica and Rydzewohave appeared. In addition, we've added more indexes from the following parishes: Bakałarzewo, Bargłów, Janówka, Jeleniewo, Kaletnik, Kundzin and Wigry. Additionally to Geneo search engine indexes we have added a list of parishioners from Nowy Dwór (a new parish in our resources) from 1909. It is available in the form of a table on the parish's website. At the same time, as always, we supplement and improve the previously added indexes. In June, the following people indexed and verified for us:

Thank you to all of the above mentioned people! More numerous indexes, we hope including many from new parishes coming soon!

We also recommend to take a look at a more detailed table showing the number of indexed record files broken down by year, parish and type of record. You can find it here.

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