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Who we are? Where did we come from? Where are we heading?
These questions and slogans illustrate the essence of things and the reason for our actions. We try to convert and recall once written words into specific actions. Save the past generations from oblivion, make that once again, the words read and written take the form of specific people, hidden behind dates and letters of the name. People who once lived in these lands among the same roads, rivers and forests. In this way we realize the well-known sentence "... the word became flesh". and we will try to implement the words recorded in one of the nineteenth century books found at the parish in Jaminy to guide our activities as a motto

We created the Jaminy Indexing Team aimed at reading, rewriting and indexing in the available form the oldest record resources of the Jaminy parish, and then we went further to the next parishes and archives. The abbreviated name JZI (easy) would suggest that it will be easy ;-), but time is governed by its own laws and will only show if we have managed to restore the identity of so many before us.
You can help and improve these activities by making donations or joining our indexing work via the Internet. We look forward to receiving your applications and comments.

If you think the information on this page is valuable, consider a donation of any value. Each sum will help us to add new indexes.

Send email to us: jzi@jzi.org.pl

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