Dawne przedmieścia Augustowa – wiersze

Title: Former suburbs of Augustów - poems

Authors: Irena Batura, Krystyna Walicka, Celina Mieńkowska, Bożena Klimaszewska, Jan Saczko, Leonarda Szubzda, Piotr Waldemar Wiśniewski, Józefa Drozdowska, Anna Moczek, Barbara Gałczyńska, Urszula Sieńkowska-Cioch, Czesław Kowalewski, Krystyna Gudel

ISBN: 978-83-956062-0-5

Pages: 56

Format: 15x21 cm

Cover: soft, lacquered

Poems about towns that were formerly suburbs of Augustów

Białobrzegi, Biernatki, Klonownica, Turówka, Uścianki, Wójtowskie Włóki and Żarnowo share the fact that they were once a suburbs of Augustów. Two of them, namely Klonownica and Wójtowskie Włóki, were absorbed by the city over time. Others became independent villages.

To explore the history of the former suburbs, we refer to historical books, such as: "The history of Augustów. From the foundation of the city to 1945 "by Wojciech Batura, Andrzej Makowski and Jarosław Szlaszyński (Suwałki 1997);" Augustów. Historical monograph "by Jarosław Szlaszyński and Andrzej Makowski (Augustów 2007)," Żarnowo for centuries. From the establishment of the village to modern times "by Krzysztof Sturgulewski (Białystok 2013) and "In the splendor and shadow of Augustów. From the history of the area of the commune of Augustówˮ by Jarosław Szlaszyński (Augustów 2014).

The poets spoke about the suburbs in their own way: lyric, reflective and even satirical. There are poetic memories of childhood and youth, and reflections on how it was and how it is now. The authors recall in them close people and important places for them. Sometimes they play with words, using the form of haiku, epigram or limerick.

At least one poem was devoted to each of the former suburbs, most of them to Żarnowo, followed by Biernatki, and then by Białobrzegi and Turówka. The poems in the volume are listed alphabetically by suburb name. The whole is enclosed in a conventional poetic bracket.

The authors of the poems are: Irena Batura, Józefa Drozdowska, Barbara Gałczyńska, Krystyna Gudel, Bożena Klimaszewska, Czesław Kowalewski, Celina Mieńkowska, Anna Moczek, Jan Saczko, Urszula Sieńkowska-Cioch, Leonarda Szubzda, Krystyna Walicka and Piotr Waldemar Wiśniewski. They live in Augustów, Chruszczobród, Obuchowizna, Sokółka, Suchowola and Suwałki.

The poems were presented in Branch 2 of the Municipal Public Library APK in Augustów during the 19th Sunday Poetic Rumble at Tea on February 17, 2019.

We encourage you to reach for the volume and familiarize yourself with the collected poems. Both those who live or were born in the cities presented, but also all who are close to poetry and Augustów.

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