Jaminy – 1 – Urodzenia

Title: Jaminy - 3 - Births

Pages: 642

Format: 17x24 cm

Cover: hard, lacquered

The publication covers the years 1759-1912. Virtually all books have been preserved, although their condition is different. Most of them were found during the renovation of the presbytery in the 1990s under the attic floor. The oldest of them has a badly damaged one corner, probably by mice, which makes some entries incomplete. There are also no records from 1890-1891. Despite this, you can thank the fate that so much information was recovered.

We indexed and verified to the best of our knowledge, but nevertheless errors may arise due to many factors. First of all, poor readability of some entries, but also carelessness of the recorder (it was not always a priest). Also the names themselves evolved over time, and despite the fact that we tried to write them in a modern sound, it was not always possible to determine it. In addition, it should be remembered that the monotonicity of the work itself introduces a source of errors - despite proper reading, the record in electronic form has been registered with an error.

Early entries may not contain complete data, because before the introduction of the Napoleon Code in 1808 there were no strict requirements as to the form of record entries. In the years 1808-1825, church books of the Roman Catholic religion and Civil Registry Files were kept in parallel, usually also kept by the priest of the local parish, covering all religions. After 1825, the church and Civil Registry books became identical, although separate for each religion. In the case of Jaminy, none of the registers of the Civil Registry Files from the period 1808-1825 have survived, but the church records kept in parallel were preserved.

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