Wspomnienie z życia wsi wieku minionego

Tytuł: Wspomnienie z życia wsi wieku minionego

Author: Jan Zajko

ISBN: 978-83-951660-2-0

Pages: 114

Format: 15x21 cm

Cover: soft, lacquered

These memories are a record of local events from the first half of the 20th century colorfully describing the history of its inhabitants. The book is a kind of diary from the life of the village of the past, intertwined with the great history of the events of the 20th century, seen from the perspective of the lives of ordinary people in the countryside. A village slightly cut off from the rest of the world, which was Jagłowo for many years.

Jan Zajko [1915-2003] was born in Jagłowo where his family came from. The author wrote his memories after many years as he saw and felt them. It seduces with the beauty of language and formulations, which are less and less used today. In it, he also mentions his new life, which he began in Suchowola in 1945. He was a very family man, an uhlan, a multiple fugitive from under rifle barrels, a social activist engaged, among others. in the life of the church, a longtime employee and vice president of GS in Suchowola since the 1950s.

For years, these memories were in the drawer, shared only with the family. Today, due to its unique historical and genealogical value, we share it with you, the Reader.

As usual, the book was enriched with extensive footnotes and numerous family photos illustrating the era. Finally, an index of people and cities appearing in the book has been prepared.

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