Title: Pacowie (Pac Family)

Author: Józef Wolff

ISBN: 978-83-945017-9-2

Pages: 398

Format: 17x24 cm

Cover: hard, lacquered

This book is a reprint of the nineteenth-century book "Pacowie. Historical and genealogical materials” by Józef Wolff. This item is recommended not only to historians, but also to anyone who is interested in history. We also offer it to the communities of Raczki and Dowspuda, towns closely connected with Pac family in the past. This is where the family is remembered - the ruins of a neo-Gothic palace built in the years 1820–1827 thanks to the efforts of Ludwik Michał Pac, general of the Polish and Napoleonic armies, the owner of the Dowspuda estate.

Józef Ludwik Wolff (born December 15, 1852 in Warsaw, died August 9, 1900 in Heidelberg), author of this publication, was a Polish historian, bookseller, heraldic and genealogist. He was born in the family of a Jewish merchant and banker, Ludwik Wolff, and Józefina née Zdzieniecki. An economist by profession, he devoted his entire life to his passion - history. He settled in St. Petersburg, where in addition to bookselling, he did research on the Lithuanian Metrics. He was also a correspondent and a member of the Academy of Skills in Krakow. He left behind several significant historical and genealogical studies, including "Senators and dignitaries of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania 1386–1795" (Kraków 1885), "Lithuanian-Russian Kniazs since the end of the fourteenth century" (Warsaw 1895). His manuscript, a four-volume study of the "Heraldry of Lithuanian Nobility," has never been published. It burned along with its entire book collection deposited in the Krasiński Library in Warsaw after the fall of the Warsaw Uprising in October 1944.

The book contains several illustrations, a personal index and a geographical index.

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