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Activities of JZI in November 2020


We added almost 6300 new indexes from 8 books to Geneo search engine in November. We have added further indexes from the following parishes: Bakałarzewo, Bargłów, Janówka, Rajgród and Wigry. At the same time, as usual, we complement and amend previously added indices.

The following people indexed and verified for us in November:

Thank you to all of the above mentioned people! More numerous indexes, we hope including many from new parishes coming soon!

We also recommend to take a look at a more detailed table showing the number of indexed record files broken down by year, parish and type of record. You can find it here.

Finalisation of the Janówka parish indexation

When there is not much to index within a parish left, we put in a higher gear and accelerate. This is what happened to Janówka parish. In November we added almost 2 500 indexes from 4 books (including two completely new ones). These were the last books available to us. Therefore, it is time for a small summary.

We have written down the data from 98 church and marital status books, the originals of which are dispersed in three archives. The oldest ones are in the Diocesan Archive in Lomza, later in the parish archives, and the books after 1890 in the State Archive in Suwałki. The total number of the records is 39 615 metric entries and one annex to a marriage certificate.

Century Utmost dates Births Marriages Deaths
17th 1602-1700 6667 622 0
18th 1701-1712 828 176 0
19th 1810-1900 13918 2917 8533
20th 1901-1936 1926 1145 2883
Total 1602-1936 23339 4860 11416

We regret that we cannot find any church books from the 18th century anywhere. We have a huge, 100-year gap in data and therefore it is difficult to genealogically connect the 17th and 19th centuries.

The end of the indexation of Janówka does not in any way mean that we stop working on this parish. There are still many books that we will try to obtain for our purposes and we will probably hear about Janówka again soon. We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to indexing this parish in such a detailed formula as we try to promote!

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