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Activities of JZI in October 2020


In October, we added nearly 6,700 new indexes from 11 new books and document collections to the Geneo search engine . We have added further indexes from the following parishes: Augustów, Bakałarzewo, Bargłów, Janówka and Wigry. From the parish of Janówka we published indexes from the next, fourth birth book we have found recently. There is a chance that this parish will be fully indexed by the end of the year! In addition, we have added two interesting directories, which have been published in the form of tables available on the respective parishes' subpages. These are: Sokółka (the 1864 census of the town's inhabitants) and the index from the Sztabin Institute Inventory made in October 1854 (on Sztabinparish website). At the same time, as usual, the previously added indexes are supplemented and corrected.

The following people indexed and verified for us in October:

Thank you to all of the above mentioned people! More numerous indexes, we hope including many from new parishes coming soon!

We also recommend to take a look at a more detailed table showing the number of indexed record files broken down by year, parish and type of record. You can find it here.

Geneo search engine version 1.1

In October we made a slightly improved version of the Geneo search engine available to users. We have fixed a number of known bugs and issues. We have changed the way index details are presented so that blank fields are not displayed and we get a more compact, legible look. The last important change is the addition of a flag indicating how the metric is indexed at the end of each line.

The green box means that the entry has been indexed in the JZI format, i.e. it contains all the relevant genealogical information in the metric. Yellow - simplified Geneteka format, often without dates, witnesses, godparents and other details. There is also a red symbol, which means that the data in Geneo is not from metrics, but from a social project. For the time being, such a projekt has been conducted exclusively for the parish of Raczki. Within the framework of this project, the users themselves can enter the data of people who cannot be found in the metric books (because these books have disappeared or have been destroyed). After verification, this data is entered in the Geneo database.

Other activities

At the end of September, we informed about the meeting of JZI members and supporters planned for October. Since then, the pandemic conditions in the country have significantly worsened and we had to cancel the meeting. For the time being, we do not have another date set and are waiting for the situation to improve.

In October, we published on our website a bibliographical summary by Józefa Drozdowska on Old Believers and an article by Andrzej Szczudło on the Spanish flue epidemic in Schuylkill County, USA, where many Polish emigrants lived.

Przypominamy również, że koniec października jest terminem nadsyłania tematów do “Historical Yearbook“.

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