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Author: Jan Zajko

Edition: 1

ISBN: 978-83-951660-2-0

Pages: 114

Format: 15x21 cm

Cover: soft, lacquered

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These memories are a record of local events from the first half of the 20th century colorfully describing the history of its inhabitants. The book is a kind of diary from the life of the village of the past, intertwined with the great history of the events of the 20th century, seen from the perspective of the lives of ordinary people in the countryside. A village slightly cut off from the rest of the world, which was Jagłowo for many years.

Jan Zajko [1915-2003] was born in Jagłowo where his family came from. The author wrote his memories after many years as he saw and felt them. It seduces with the beauty of language and formulations, which are less and less used today. In it, he also mentions his new life, which he began in Suchowola in 1945. He was a very family man, an uhlan, a multiple fugitive from under rifle barrels, a social activist engaged, among others. in the life of the church, a longtime employee and vice president of GS in Suchowola since the 1950s.

For years, these memories were in the drawer, shared only with the family. Today, due to its unique historical and genealogical value, we share it with you, the Reader.

As usual, the book was enriched with extensive footnotes and numerous family photos illustrating the era. Finally, an index of people and cities appearing in the book has been prepared.

List of persons mentioned in the content

Adamowicz, Józef
Anders, Władysław
Arciuk, Wacław
Baehr, Marian
Bogatsch, Emil
Bukowczyk, Kazimierz
Chendyński, Bolesław
Cymbor, Bernard
Cymbor, Stanisław
Dawidowicz, Bronisława
Dawidowicz, Henryk
Dawidowicz, Ignacy
Dawidowicz, Kajetan
Dawidowicz, Petronela
Dąbkowski, Stanisław
Djaczenko, Piotr
Głowicki, Czesław
Gręś, Czesław
Grobicki, Jerzy
Gudel, Ignacy
Gudel, Jan
Gudel, Rozalia
Haraburda, Jan
Haraburda, Józef
Haraburda, Ludwika
Haraburda, Marianna
Haraburda, Teodor
Haraburda, Wacław
Haraburda, Wojciech
Hein, Georg
Hell, Siegfid
Hońko, Jan
Jabłoński, Feliks
Janewicz, Izydor
Janewicz, Józef
Janewicz, Julianna
Jaźwiński, Bolesław
Kaczorowska, Antonina
Kaczorowska, Teofila
Kaczorowski, Ignacy
Kaczorowski, Jan
Kaczorowski, Kazimierz
Kaczorowski, Wacław
Kamińska, Franciszka
Kamińska, Urszula
Kamiński, Ignacy
Kamiński, Jan
Kamiński, Stanisław
Kapla, Teodor
Kapusta, Jan
Kapusta, Józef
Kapusta, Julian
Kapusta, Kamila
Kapusta, Zofia
Karny, Józef
Karp, Adolf
Karp, Aleksander
Karp, Apolonia
Karp, Czesław
Karp, Dymitr
Karp, Edward
Karp, Feliksa

Karp, Ignacy
Karp, Joanna
Karp, Karol
Karp, Leokadia
Karp, Melania
Karpienia, Wanda
Kiszluk, Jan
Kolenkiewicz, Kazimierz
Kolenkiewicz, Stanisław
Koszczuk, Jan
Koszczuk, Wincenty
Kuklis, Lucjan
Liniarski, Władysław
Lipski, Henryk
Litewski, Jan Hipolit
Łapiński, Feliks
Malczewski, Józef
Marcel, Piotr
Mikucka, Stefania
Mikucki, Wawrzynec
Mikucki, Wincenty
Mineyko, Tomasz
Misiewicz, Stanisław
Mojżuk, Adolf
Mojżuk, Anna
Mojżuk, Jan
Mościcki, Bolesław
Mościcki, Ignacy
Mróz, Czesław
Nowicka, Anna
Nowicki, Marcin
Nowicki, Wacław
Okulicki, Leopold
Opacki, Jan
Ostrowska, Apolonia
Ostrowska, Pelagia
Ostrowski, Bolesław
Ostrowski, Ignacy
Ostrowski, Jan
Ostrowski, Józef
Ostrowski, Witold
Panasewicz, Beniamin
Panasewicz, Bolesław
Panasewicz, Eugeniusz
Panasewicz, Jan
Panasewicz, Romuald
Pawełko, Ignacy
Piłsudski, Józef
Podhorski, Zygmunt
Porczyk, Stefan
Puchlik, Alfons
Puchlik, Józef
Pycz, Antoni
Pycz, Jan
Pycz, Rozalia
Ratkiewicz, Adela
Ratkiewicz, Anna
Ratkiewicz, Kajetan
Ratkiewicz, Władysław
Ratkiewicz, Wojciech
Rawicz-Dziewulski, Stanisław
Rozwadowski, Tadeusz

Rzepnicki, Witold
Sawośko, Ignacy
Schreiber, Ludwik
Siemion, Adam
Siemion, Apolonia
Siemion, Emilia
Siemion, Jan
Siemion, Joanna
Siemion, Klemens
Siemion, Michalina
Siemion, Mieczysław
Siemion, Paweł
Siemion, Pelagia
Siemion, Wacław
Siemion, Wojciech
Sieńko, Jan
Skórski, Adolf
Słuszko, Dominik
Staćkowska, Stanisława
Staranowicz, Edward
Suchwałko, Augustyn
Suchwałko, Józef
Suchwałko, Piotr
Suchwałko, Tadeusz
Szkiłądź, Edward
Szkiłądź, Jan
Szkiłądź, Wiktoria
Szkiłądź, Zygmunt
Szmygiel, Eugeniusz
Śmigielski, Czesław
Talkowski, Lucjan
Talkowski, Wiktor
Walicki, Tadeusz
Wojtkielewicz, Apolonia
Wojtkielewicz, Eugeniusz
Wojtkielewicz, Ignacy
Wojtkielewicz, Jan
Wojtkielewicz, Kazimierz
Wojtkielewicz, Rozalia
Wojtkielewicz, Wincenty
Wysocki, Kazimierz
Wysocki, Ludomir
Zagórski, Włodzimierz
Zajko, Albin
Zajko, Andrzej
Zajko, Antoni
Zajko, Barbara
Zajko, Bartłomiej
Zajko, Edward
Zajko, Feliksa
Zajko, Ignacy
Zajko, Jadwiga
Zajko, Jan
Zajko, Janina Czesława
Zajko, Józefa
Zajko, Kazimierz
Zajko, Piotr Antoni
Zajko, Stanisław
Zaniewski, Bolesław
Żukowski, Jan
Żukowski, Mieczysław

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