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Karol Mitros sings patriotic songs

In March, we honor the memory of cursed soldiers. It is a relatively new term concerning the events during and after the Second World War which took place in Poland. This term meant their condemnation to oblivion. However, such stories in the Polish nation have a long tradition and have been around for centuries. They were not allowed to go into oblivion. The memory of them was perpetuated by learning and singing such stories in songs, which was as dangerous as weapons, both for the glorifying and their opponents. At certain times, both for singing this type of song and for possessing a weapon, arrest, death or exile were possible. Today we present songs remembered and sung since the turbulent times of partitions and uprisings. These songs are remembered and sung by over 90-year-old Karol Mitros from a village located among the Biebrza marshes that have long been hospitable to partisans. It is worth listening to the words that are less and less common today and lose their value, and some are almost 200 years old.

Photographs: Piotr Godlewski
Sound processing: Piotr Godlewski

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