Wody wigierskie i huciańskie – studium toponomastyczne (tom 1 i 2)



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Author: Knut-Olof Falk

Edition: 1

ISBN: 978-83-951660-7-5 (Vol. 1) i 978-83-951660-8-2 (Vol. 2)

Pages: 284 + 186 + 2 maps

Format: 17x24 cm

Cover: hard, lacquered

More information

This book is a reprint of the two-volume dissertation "Wigry and Huta Waters - Toponomastic Study" by Professor Knut-Olof Falk. He began his adventure with Poland in 1931 in Warsaw, where he queried the Treasury Archives and the Krasiński Library, looking for documents produced by the Wigry Camaldolese order. He photographed these documents and we owe him that their content survived for posterity, because Germans burned the originals in 1944 after the fall of the Warsaw Uprising. In the years 1932–1933 he lectured Swedish at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków while learning Polish. Until the outbreak of World War II, he conducted research on the local names of Suwalki, derived from the Yotvingian language. Further work was interrupted by the war, but Falk did not remain indifferent to the fate of Poland. In 1940, he published a book about Frederic Chopin translated into Swedish, and a year later he defended his doctorate at the University of Lund and published in Sweden - in Polish - a two-volume dissertation "Wigry and Huta Waters - Toponomastic Study". It was a kind of rebellion against the Nazi occupiers of Poland. He caused a violent reaction from the Nazi propaganda ministry and a protest note to the Swedish government.

There are very few copies of this work in Poland. We think that this reprint will make this work available to a wider reader. Volume 1 has two maps of the Suwałki region that Falk studied. The work is preceded by a comprehensive introduction by Professor Terho Paulsson of the University of Lund, a former collaborator of Professor Knut-Olof Falk. Volume 2 is invaluable photocopy of documents from the Krasiński Library, irretrievably lost during the war. The whole book was published on a chalk paper.

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