Fragment książeczki wojskowej.

Jan Szyłak

Fotografie oraz dokumenty po żołnierzu 41 pp, Janie Szyłaku (1911-1996) ze wsi Jaśki, z linii zwanej “Podleśna”, gminy Dowspuda, powiatu augustowskiego.

Jan Szyłak was born in Jaśki on December 31, 1911 in the agricultural family of Piotr and Franciszka née Błyszczek. Wife Aniela née Ostrowska. On March 5, 1934, he was included in the ranks of the 41st Suwałki Infantry Regiment to the shooting company. A year later he was assigned to the school of observers, and on September 10 he was promoted to the rank of senior shooter. Moved to reserve on 28 September of the same year. He was promoted to corporal observer on October 1, 1937. Mobilized on August 28, 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II. He took part in the defensive war and on 1 October in Warsaw he was taken into German captivity. He was a prisoner of war number 54370. He was in Stalags and labor camps: I-B (Hohenstein-Olsztynek), VI-F, VI-J, VI-K, among others. After surviving the camp ordeal, Jan returned to his homeland in 1946, where he ran a farm after the war. He maintained good relations with the wealthy German family with whom he worked during the war. He died on July 7, 1996 after living 85 years.

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