Miasto i wieś Raczki na pruskiej mapie wojskowej z lat 1795-1805.

Formularz “Odtwarzamy raczkowskie metryki”

We only enter data of deceased people.

The minimum is to enter the data of a person associated with the life of the former area of the Raczki parish and providing his/her name, surname and town.

In the Comments and additional information field, enter everything that can bring closer family relationships and ties with other people, i.e. siblings known children, etc.

You also need to enter your name and surname providing your contact email. This data will not be publicly available, but will be shared with other people in private messages for the purpose of contact. This is the purpose of the project and therefore we ask you for your consent to process your data.

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Information from the biography, family members, other information not matching any other form fields

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